• Public Health Policy. Issues, Theories, And Advocacy

Public Health Policy. Issues, Theories, And Advocacy

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Public Health Policy: Issues, Theories, and Advocacy offers students an engaging and innovative introduction to public health policy: its purpose, how it is originated, and how it is implemented

Also included are primers on two essential policy tools how to write research policy briefs, and how to craft effective letters to an editor, including examples of both drawn from the author's publications in journals and newspapers.

Discussion questions at the end of every chapter, along with an interview from an expert from each of the component fields, give real-world perspectives on how that particular subject relates to the overall topic

Drawing on the multidisciplinary nature of public health, the book uses concepts and examples from epidemiology, law, economics, political science, and ethics to examine the policymaking process, explain positions pro or con, and develop materials for various audiences to further a public health policy intervention

Each chapter begins with an overview of the chapter, including core terms and concepts, and includes illustrative examples of how the highlighted component law, ethics, economics, politics, epidemiology, and medicine intersects with public health

In addition, Public Health Policy shows how policymaking is a complex and integrated top-down and bottoms-up process that embraces a myriad of public and private stakeholders

The book also contains 13 case studies that illustrate the framework discussed in the first part of the book, and show how the different components link to create, sustain, evaluate, or obstruct the development of public health policy

The book describes the underlying theories and frameworks as well as practical analytical tools needed for effective advocacy and communication

Written by a highly experienced health policy researcher and teacher, the book is rich in resources that will enhance teaching and learning


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